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We not to deal in certain prohibited industries. This philosophy is based on the Shariah requirements and the logic that what ever is bad for our personal consumption is bad for the society as well, and thus it is not permissible to be a part of such anti-social industry. All the industries we abstain from have serious implications.

The first and foremost amongst the industries in which we do not deal is interest-based investments. The institutes of Ribaa; through the financial houses like the World Bank and the International Monetory Fund (IMF) govern and practically control every country in the world.

Every individual in a country contributes towards the repayment of financial aid to his country. Thus a child is born into this world already indebted. Debtorship is the unique inheritance and heritage bestowed on him by his country.

The power of the "hidden hand" in international politics has always been economics. Economic Aid is too often the Trojan horse of all other ills. Political independence is an aspect of government that is not too particular with the appendages of the "hidden hand" The South African, Malaysian and Indonesian experience in late 1990s is clear proof of how instruments of debilitating power can emasculate those that consume the sweetened hemlock!

Interest and its consequences such as debt, joblessness and crime have entrenched a new and insidious kind of servitude. Entire nations have become bounded to the interest warlords and bankers. The mass enslavement of even the future generations has no parallel in the history of human race.

Investments in liquor companies are a strict no at Idafa Investments. Ethically speaking, alcohol has been a scourge of human society since time immemorial. It continues to cost countless human lives, and causes terrible misery to millions throughout the world.

It is a root cause of several problems faced by our society. The statistics of soaring crime rates, increasing instances of mental illness and millions of broken homes throughout the world bear mute testimony to the destructive power of alcohol.

Alcohol inhibits the inhibitory centre possessed by human beings in their brains. This inhibitory centre prevents a person from doing things that he considers wrong. But, when a person consumes liquor, the inhibitory centre itself is inhibited. That is precisely the reason that an inebriated person is found to be indulging in behaviour that is completely uncharacteristic of him.

According to National Crime Victimization Survey Bureau of Justice (US Department of Justice) 8 per cent of Americans commit incest i.e. one in every twelve to thirteen persons is involved in incest. Almost all the cases of incest are due to intoxication of one or both the persons involved.

Moreover, diseases attached with consumption of alcohol are many. Also one of the major factors associated with the spread of AIDS is alcoholism.

The Islamic Research Foundation has published a pamphlet that says: If alcohol is a disease, it is the only disease that . Is sold in bottles . Is advertised in newspapers, magazines, on radio and television . Has licensed outlets to spread it . Produces revenue for the government . Brings violent death on highways . Destroys family life and increases crime . Has no germs or viral causes.

Islam is called the Deen - ul - Fitrah or the natural religion of Man. All its injunctions are aimed at preserving the natural state of man. Alcohol is deviation from his natural state, for the individuals and the society. At Idafa Investments it is our solemn pledge not to deal in the alcohol industry and promote the industry that degrades a man to a level below that of the beasts.

Tobacco was discovered by the Spanish sailors on the American shores at about 1500 CE (900 AH). Since its discovery, the epidemic of smoking has continued to spread all over the world. In our times, one seldom finds a house not afflicted by it.

As early as the Seventeenth Century, the European countries realized the dangers of smoking and fought against it Laws were ordained in England, Russia, Denmark, Sweden, Austria, and other countries, prohibiting smoking and punishing violators.

Nowadays, the several governments continue their attempts to protect their peoples from the harms of smoking. They employ media means, ordain laws and regulations, and apply other methods to discourage people from smoking. Because of that, the rate of smokers has declined to a certain degree in those countries.

Smoking has become the rule, and abstaining from it the exception. Often, people look with astonishment and disdain at a person who when a cigarette is offered to him, declines to smoke explaining that he does not smoke.

Offering cigarettes to the guests has become among the first rules of hospitality. Anyone who does not offer them to his guests or insist on them to smoke would be violating the ethics of hospitality and generosity!

No one can deny the harm of smoking to the human body. The medical evidence for this is well established and overwhelming. Because of this, the law requires including a warning on any packet of cigarettes or chewable tobacco that smoking is injuriius to health. Moreover the health ministry now has prohibited any display of smoking in TV commercials, serials and even movies.

Smoking contains poisonous materials, such as nicotine, tar, carbon monoxide, arsenic, benzopyrene, etc., that the smoker swallows in small proportions. Their harm accumulates with time to result in a gradual killing of the human organs and tissues.

The hazards of smoking to the health are hard to enumerate. Cancer, tuberculosis, heart attacks, asthma, coughing, premature birth, infertility, infections in the digestive system, high blood pressure, nervousness, mouth and teeth diseases, etc., are among the many health hazards that have been strongly linked to smoking.

These diseases may not appear all at once, however a smoker is most likely to suffer from some of them, and his suffering increases as he grows older. Furthermore, statistics have established that smokers' age is, on the average, tenyears less than other people's.

This is sufficient to prohibit smoking. Islam prohibits any action that causes harm to oneself or to other people.

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