About Us

Idafa Investments was established in 1993 by Ashraf Mohamedy with the sole purpose of offering wealth creation products and services The Shariah Way.

There was a lack of understanding regarding investing in the stock market in a Shariah-compliant way. Our solution was to offer courses on Wealth Creation and Trading, through Idafa School for Financial Freedom since 2016.

We have conducted hundreds of seminars to create financial literacy and freedom for audiences across the globe.

Moreover, we have been liaising with the industry to offer several new products in market segments like Mutual Funds, Pension Funds, Account Handling Services, while complying with Shariah Norms

Our Team

Team Member

Afroz Vasaya

Afroz Vasaya has been an integral member of Idafa Investments since 1998. He walks, talks, breathes and dreams of Stock Markets. His expertise lies in analysing client spending habits and suggesting ways to improve their financial health through ethical investing. He has helped numerous Idafa Investments clients to achieve their financial freedom.

Team Member

Mustafeezur Rehman Kazi

Mustafeezur Rehman Kazi is the person who will guide you through the initial steps of your investment journey. He has been a key member of the Idafa Investment Team since 2018.
Mustafeez is an experienced customer service professional who has spent the past eight years providing resolutions to customer's issues with ease.

Team Member

Faisal Shaikh

Naam toh suna hi hoga. Call any of our numbers and he will be your first point of contact with a cheerful voice and infectious energy. Faisal has been a vital part of the Idafa Investments team since 2020, after completing his Masters in Banking and Finance because he wanted to pursue a career in Sharia compliant finance.

Team Member

Mohamed Junaid

Mohamed Junaid has been working at Idafa Investments since 2020. In our pursuit of providing excellent customer support, we brought in Junaid who has completed his MBA in Finance and uses his expertise to support our clients with any technical issues that may arise.